Upcoming Events
Team Assignments: June = Team C July = Team A
July 11 Muir Woods - LIFE trip, meet at AUMC at 8:30am                           to carpool July 12 CSL brainstorming session at 11:30am July 16 Book study with Rev. Roger and David Copeland                           at 7:30pm July 17-19 Sunset Beach (see Alice Yu) Camping trip July 27 Knitting Circle at SF Giants game at 7:15 PM:  (for                          tickets, sign up at church or contact Lori Wong) July 30 Enneagram Lines and Wings led by                           Matt Schlegel at 7pm Aug 16 Beginning Enneagram with Rev. Roger. Aug 24 and 31   Astrology workshop with Alice Phipps at 7pm